Victor Wembanyama talks about the improbable altercation between his bodyguards and Britney Spears

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Victor Wembanyama (right) in spite of himself at the heart of a strange affair… Imago / Panoramic / Dave Starbuck / AI / Reuters / Panoramic / Troy Taormina

SCAN SPORT – According to TMZ, the 41-year-old singer was punched in the face by Spurs security. The French basketball player explained himself.

Welcome to the star system. Just recruited by the San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama sees, despite himself, his name ociated with a news item that involves Britney Spears. According to the US site TMZ , the 41-year-old singer would have been vigorously pushed back by the security service which was responsible for the protection of the young (19-year-old) French basketball player. In fact, it is Damian Smith, the director of security of the San Antonio club who is accused of having violently pushed back the interpreter of “Oops! … I Did It Again”. Facts that took place in Las Vegas, where “Wemby” is to make his debut with the Spurs on Friday, during the Summer League.

Always according to TMZ, specialist in unearthing this kind of info, Britney Spears would have sneaked to approach closer to Victor Wembanyama and pat him on the back to ask him for a selfie. It was not to the taste of security… This is where the versions diverge. Some witnesses claim that Damian Smith slapped him, others that he hit the pop star’s hand and then his hand touched his face. “Wemby”, he continued on his way and entered a restaurant. Contradictory information also as to the possible legal consequences.

I just saw that security pushed her back, I don’t know how hard.

Victor Wembanyama

Without mentioning the name of the American singer, the native of Chesnay spoke about the incident in front of the press and generally confirmed the course of the operations, without abounding for the slap. “I was walking with team security to get to the restaurant. There were lots of people around, people calling me. But we had spoken with security before, I had been told not to stop so as not to create a crowd. So I didn’t stop, and this person continued to call me, she grabbed me from behind, by the shoulder. I didn’t see what happened next because I was walking and I couldn’t stop. I just saw that security pushed her back, I don’t know how hard“, he simply indicated (see below the video of our colleague from The Team on the spot).

One thing is certain: San Antonio, with its Draft number 1 Victor Wembanyamawill face Charlotte and Brandon Miller, number 2 of the said Draft, on the night of Friday to Saturday (2 a.m. in Paris) in a friendly, on behalf of the Vegas Summer League.

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