VIDEO. “Down and run!” : in Ukraine, the daily life of soldiers in the trenches of Donbass

A Ukrainian unit stands guard in a trench near Krasnohorivka in the Donetsk region, where conflicts between Russians and Ukrainians continues. Oleksandr, one of its members, aged 26, confides that here there is “electricity”, “heating”, as well as “teas” and “hot meals”: “It’s enough for a normal life,” he says.

He and his comrades fired at Russian positions located about 500-600 meters from the trench, using various weapons, such as automatic pistols or grenade launchers. “Here, against us, there are high-caliber machine guns, anti-tank rifles, but they have very bad snipers… The positions are well made and fortified. We can hold out here, and we will,” said Volodymyr, also 26, who came from Germany to defend his country.

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