VIDEO. “Here, I pay 2 euros for my 5 kg of potatoes”: in this supermarket in Seine-et-Marne, customers attracted by low prices

“I come here every week and do most of my shopping there because it’s cheaper,” says Sabrina, a mother of four, in the middle of the dairy aisle. “Look, these fruit yoghurts at 1.99 euros, if I go to Carrefour, I will find them for more than 3 euros. And with small savings here and there, in the end it’s a lot! “. Especially in times of inflation.

For several weeks, videos promoting a supermarket with low-cost products have been circulating on the TikTok social network. “O Marché Claye”, located in Claye-Souilly (Seine-et-Marne), would attract hundreds of customers every day thanks to its ice cream from a major American brand half the price but also for its fruit and vegetables at prices attractive. So much so that this city market has been constantly expanding and adding new sections since it opened in 2019.

To check these “bargains”, we went there to compare the prices of identical products between Marché Claye and the Carrefour de la ville, located 300 meters away. Several customers do not hesitate to make a half-hour trip to “fill the shopping cart with essentials” such as Mohamed or even Christine, who continue their shopping in other brands, “especially for hygiene products”.

And according to our comparisons, the price difference is real: by taking 10 different products at random from the shelves, from fruits to frozen foods, dairy products and cakes, all were cheaper. With a price difference varying between 0.30 cents and 2.30 euros. “I usually do the same shopping at Auchan in Val d’Europe, near my home. I prefer to come here, I have it for 64 euros instead of 100 euros for the same basket” calculates Vernon, who knew this supermarket thanks to friends. To discover several examples of prices as well as testimonials from regular customers, watch our video report at the top of our article.

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