VIDEO – How Netflix saved the “Egyptian Theater”, a legendary Hollywood cinema

Published on Nov 9, 2023 at 2:06 p.m.

Hieroglyphics on the walls, imposing golden columns at the entrance: you really would think you were in Egypt… if you weren’t in Hollywood. The “Egyptian Theater”, an incredible century-old cinema inspired by ancient Egypt, reopens its doors after several years of work.

Its rescue (it threatened to collapse after suffering from the 1994 earthquake) was due to a giant that normally stays far away from cinemas: Netflix.

For what ? “Hollywood is a business of symbols,” says Ted Sarandos, the boss of Netflix, with a smile. “And this symbol, alas, was in the process of collapsing! »

After years of pharaonic work, estimated at $70 million (even if Netflix never gives a figure), the cinema will now screen clics on weekends, such as “Lawrence of Arabia”, and Netflix will screen its own productions there. in Week.

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