VIDEO. “No”, “Funny”, “Cool”: the “blockade challenge” launched by Louis Boyard divides the students

VIDEO.  “No”, “Funny”, “Cool”: the “blockade challenge” launched by Louis Boyard divides the students

Less than twenty-four hours after its publication, the video of Louis Boyard’s “blockade challenge” already has more than 1.6 million views on Twitter. “Against Macron and his reform, on March 7, block your university or your high school”, can we read above the video. In this sequence, the deputy La France Insoumise invites high school students and students to send their “most beautiful blocking photos” of high schools and universities on March 7. With a key reward for the one who will be drawn. “The team of blockers will be invited to visit the National Assembly with us”, promises the elected representative of Val-de-Marne.

An initiative that is not unanimous among students at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, in the 13th arrondis*****t of the capital. “He encourages the closure of universities… No thank you,” reacts Mahmoud, a first-year student at MIASHS. “It invites people to block for a reward more than out of personal conviction. It loses its meaning. If we start doing anything from politics on social networks, to always finding an opportunity to post ourselves demonstrating, we are more in appearances than in conviction, ”analyzes another.

“I find it good. It shows that he is interested in young people, ”said Anaïs, an economics student. “We are all on the networks so we are all affected,” adds one of her comrades. “It encourages you to participate in the movement, it’s rather a good strategy”, notes Nicolas, who will participate in the demonstration against the pension reform on March 7. For him, Louis Boyard is in his role with this call for blocking: “It’s his job, he is political and militant”.

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