VIDEO. Russian drone attack on Ukrainian port, located right on the border with Romania

“It fell right on the border. One of them fell right on the border. Thank goodness we are safe this time! », exclaims Gabord Petru in a video published live on his Facebook account. The Romanian volunteer from the NGO “Volunteers Without Borders” captured live part of Russian attack on Ukraine on the night of September 25 to 26. “The launches of 38 Shaheds (…) were recorded,” specifies the air force on Telegram in its daily report, adding that Ukrainian defenses had destroyed 26 of these Iranian-made devices.

“Unfortunately, the port infrastructure of the Izmail region was affected,” says the governor of the southern Odessa region. “Two men, truck drivers, were injured. One of them received medical treatment on site, the second, seriously injured in the hand, was hospitalized,” he adds. Warehouses, around 30 trucks and 6 vans were damaged in the attack, according to Ukrainian authorities. Firefighters brought the fire under control early in the morning.

The river port of Izmail, located on the Danube on the border with Romania, a NATO member country, has become one of the main routes for exporting Ukrainian agricultural products to the Black Sea, after the abandonment of the agreement which allowed Ukraine to freely transit its production. Russian aults in the southern regions of Odessa and Mykolaiv have increased since then.

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