VIDEO. Two children aged 9 and 15 killed by Israeli army in West Bank

On November 29, two children were shot and killed by the Israeli army in Jenin in the West Bank. Israeli IDF troops crossed the Israel-West Bank border to carry out an anti-terrorism raid in the north of the city. One of the biggest since October 7, according to city residents.

As is often the case, several Palestinians came out to repel the army destroying homes. That day in the group, four people were shot dead. Two are senior members of Hamas. The other two are children: Bem al-Wafa, 15, and Adam Al-Ghoul, 9.

Several images of the clashes were immediately published on social networks. We can see bullets ricocheting off the ground and walls, before hitting the two children, shot dead in the street. As he runs, Bem Al-Wafa appears to try to light a low-power explosive before being hit by a bullet.

After his death, Hamas claimed that the teenager was indeed one of their members. For Adam, 9 years old, on the other hand, it’s different. According to his brother, the child was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

For years, Hamas has not hesitated to use children, as soldiers or militants, to push back Israeli forces. These deaths are already in addition to the thousands of children who died under Israeli strikes in Gaza and the Palestinian territories, but they are of a particular nature. Even members of Hamas, children are subject to special protection in the event of armed conflicts.

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