VIDEO. War in Ukraine: does China have an interest in supplying arms to Russia?

VIDEO.  War in Ukraine: does China have an interest in supplying arms to Russia?

Westerners are raising concerns about a possible delivery of weapons to Russia by China. “Yes, we see them providing assistance to Russia”, launched Avril Haines, the Director of American National Intelligence, on March 9, 2023, before the American Senate, while adding: “that they are in a situation where they are more and more uncomfortable because of the price to pay for their reputation”.

Since the start of his invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has asserted his ambition to get closer militarily to his Chinese ally. If the two armies train together, the delivery of weapons has never been publicly mentioned by the two powers. On the international scene, such an exchange would weaken the country of Xi Jinping. “China is trying to be a winner on all counts: seducing Europeans while fracturing transatlantic unity,” said Antoine Bondaz, research fellow at the Foundation for Strategic Research.

Moreover, “China, which is calling for talks and a political solution, has very little interest in openly supplying arms to Russia, as it would damage its image as a responsible nation and potentially expose itself to American sanctions. and European,” continues the researcher.

For their part, the Chinese, through the voice of Qin Gang, their Minister of Foreign Affairs, repeat that “China is neither a creator of the crisis, nor a part of it and that it has not provided arms to any of the parties to the conflict”.

Find Antoine Bondaz’s explanations in our video at the top of the article.

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