viewers very disappointed by the “Additional investigation” on Cyril Hanouna

By Emilie Paul

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Cyril Hanouna in “Additional investigation” on France 2. Screenshot.

POST REVIEW – Since the broadcast of the report on France 2, many Internet users have expressed on X their disappointment at not having learned anything about the C8 troublemaker.

The long awaited “Additional investigation” dedicated to Cyril Hanouna was broadcast on Thursday evening. At 11 p.m., viewers eager to learn more about the host of “Do not touch My TV !” on C8 were numerous in front of France 2. And they were also present in large numbers on X to comment on the report. So #ComplementDenquete was the top trend this Friday morning with 220,000 posts.

Among which are many messages of disappointment. Indeed, as some had feared, the investigation did not live up to the hopes and announcements made by the channel. If the show delivered “unpublished testimonies and exclusive documents”however, it left several Internet users unsatisfied who did not hesitate to let it be known on the social network.

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“It was a beautiful damp squib”, “It was zero, zero”, “I am still disappointed that the addiction to strawberry Volvic and the Montluçon padel tournament were not mentioned… At least we would have had some scoop!”, “We didn’t learn much. We knew that Hanouna intimidated people and was tyrannical with his teams! I can’t wait for people to stop looking at his dung emissions.”, “I learned that “Complément d’investigation” carried out a year of investigation to have an empty report on Cyril Hanouna. People wanted confirmation of cocaine use, they wanted the fall of Hanouna, nothing at all. It wasn’t worth turning on the TV.”, “It’s rather an incomplete investigation. All this noise about that”, “It’s a shame for once that you managed to bring the entire internet back in front of the TV. […] There are too many people disappointed tonight.”, “They stirred up a lot of wind. Most of the things we already knew on the networks. [..] Lots of teasing, for little journalistic substance. Then the sequence with Booba: off topic”, “Waste of time”can we read in particular on X.

Others deplored the interview with Booba. “So disappointed with the show, the subject is only covered on the surface. The end with Booba, we had the right to 10 minutes of off-topic. It seems like they were afraid and censored themselves”, “Frankly Tristan Waleckx, the interview part with Booba was totally useless”, “Booba is level 0 of the analysis. They sold it to us as the icing on the cake, but it’s the one with the liquor that you’re going to spit out.”, “Some questions asked of Booba were off topic. What was your real goal?”Internet users wrote.

Despite the numerous criticisms, “Complément d’investigation” set its record. In fact, more than 3 million viewers watched the report, or 32.9% audience share. The previous record was set in April 2022. The survey on Patrick Poivre d’Arvor attracted 1.7 million people, or 19.3% PDA.

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