Vincent Lacoste, for him, school is not over

PORTRAIT – The actor plays a math teacher in Thomas Lilti’s new film, A serious job. A successful return to cl for the one we discovered as a complexed schoolboy in The Beautiful Kidsin 2009.

This article is from Figaro Magazine

Fifteen years ago, Vincent Lacoste danced the tecktonik, had a poster of the rapper 50 Cent hanging on the wall of his room, dreamed of being a boss in front of scarface his favorite movie, and cultivated a strange phobia, emetophobia (the fear of vomiting). The awkward and introverted teenager in third cl, living in the Fork district, in the 17 in Paris, was far from imagining himself an actor one day. But trained by his friends, he presents himself to the casting of beautiful kids the first feature film by a young comic book author, Riad Sattouf. The rest is known: he is hired to play the role of Hervé, a frumpy schoolboy obsessed with girls. The film garners 1 million admissions and propels him into a profession that he will never leave.

Today, his phobia has fortunately disappeared after years of shrinking. On the walls of his room are now arranged shelves of bookshelves. Tecktonik is coming back into fashion, according to him, but he has also…

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