Vincenzo Spera, the president of Assomusica dies: he was hit by a scooter

Vincenzo Spera, the president of Assomusica dies: he was hit by a scooter

Vincenzo Spera, the promoter of musical events, hit by a scooter on 13 March in Corso Magenta, in Castelletto, died. The death occurred during the night at San Martino, where the entrepreneur, founder and director of DuemilaGrandiEventi, had been taken by the 118 staff.

His conditions, which immediately appeared very serious, worsened over the hours. Giordano Casalini, head of the polyclinic’s team of anesthetists, “confirmed the death a few moments after one o’clock”, reads a note from the San Martino.

The investigations
The accident took place around 20.30, at via Bertani, not far from Spera’s home. As reconstructed by the investigators, the entrepreneur was crossing the road on his way home when he was run over by the scooter. The asphalt was wet at the time due to the rain. The crash was very violent and the driver of the vehicle, an eighteen year old, was also injured: he is now hospitalized in serious condition in the Galliera emergency room.

The scooter was impounded. The agents of the accident section of the local police, coordinated by the commander Stefano Biggio, carried out a long inspection, until late at night, to understand where the businessman was, at the time of the accident, with respect to the pedestrian crossing. This morning they will acquire the images of the cameras in the area to reconstruct in detail the dynamics of what happened.

The driver of the scooter will most likely be investigated for vehicular homicide. At the moment, no provision has been issued against him. During the night he underwent some medical tests.

Mourning in the world of entertainment and culture

Vincenzo Spera, 70, born in Salvitelle, in the province of Salerno, was hand-in-hand with Genoa, where he moved at the age of 22. Awarded the titles of Officer and Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, he was president of the national association of producers and organizers of live music shows (Assomusica) since 2011 but also a member of the Consulta dello Spettacolo of the MibACt and of the presidential council of the Italian General Association of Performing Arts (Agis)

He began his career in 1974. He was one of the most authoritative managers in the event organization sector, nationally and internationally. He had brought singers of the caliber of Joe ****er, Bruce Springsteen and Tina Turner to Italy. In Genoa he had managed the inauguration of the Cristoforo Colombo airport in 1986 and the inauguration show of the Colombians in 1992.

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