Vinicius Jr (Real Madrid) after the defeat against Manchester City: “Learning from our mistakes”

Vinicius Jr, Real Madrid striker, after elimination in the semi-finals of the Champions League Wednesday against Manchester City (0-4): “It’s always very difficult to play against Manchester City because they are a team that always has control of the game. Today (Wednesday), we couldn’t impose our game, we couldn’t implement the coach’s ideas on the pitch. It’s always very difficult when that doesn’t happen and when you’re playing against a great team who have control of the game from the start.

“Reaching the semi-finals is always very difficult for other clubs”

It’s always a learning experience. We have to learn from today’s game (Wednesday) because we cannot repeat the same mistakes that we made on the pitch, in order to improve for next season, to continue to evolve. Each game is a new learning and defeats are there to allow us to improve every day.

No disappointments. Reaching the semi-finals is always very difficult for other clubs. For us it seems easier, I don’t know why, but it’s always difficult to get there. We have to keep our heads up because reaching the semi-finals is very difficult, and winning the Champions League is very difficult. It’s been a tough season, but we need to keep evolving for next season. »

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