Vinicius Junior: “No, these are not isolated cases”

Victim of racist insults during the defeat of Real Madrid in Valencia (0-1)Sunday, Vinicius Junior had regretted Monday on Twitter that “racism (be) normal in La Liga“. He supported his remarks with a video published Monday evening on his Instagram account in which we can see that the incident at the Mestalla Stadium was not an isolated act.

Every away game is a bad surprisehe pointed out. And there have been many this season. Death wishes, hanging dolls, many cries of criminals… All recorded. But the speech always falls on “isolated cases”, “a supporter”. No, these are not isolated cases. These are continuous episodes spread across several cities in Spain (and even a TV show). The proof is there, in the video. I now ask you the question: how many of these racists have had their names and photos exposed on websites? I answer to simplify: zero. None told a sad story or publicly apologized.»

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