Violence and harassment, freedom of speech

A lot of emotion this Thursday at the Maison de la radio et de la musique, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, with a round table entitled “How to fight effectively against violence, harassment, exclusion? as part of the “Demain le Sport” festival.

Ex-figure skater Sarah Abitbol testified, by videoconference, from Miami where she resides, explaining how she has rebuilt herself since she revealed through her book (Such a long silence, 2020) the sexual assaults she suffered at the age of 15 by her trainer. She explains that she did a lot of psychological work, finally managing to say the words (“say the word rape”) and help the victims through its association.

“Inform, raise awareness, train”

On the set of the Foyer F of the Maison de la radio et de la musique, another former high-level skater, Nathalie Péchalat, who returned to the actions carried out by the Ice Sports Federation during the two years of her presidency ( March 2020-June 2022) and also on the return of the former management team three months ago, during the last elections.

Third guest to speak, Emma Oudiou, athlete specializing in the 3,000 meter steeplechase, French champion in 2019, who spoke about the aggression of which she was the victim, her media coverage, as well as the work of listening and testifying she performs, presenting a documentary where she gives the floor to sexually assaulted athletes. Fourth participant in the round table, Sébastien Boueilh, a former rugby player, also a victim of a predator ten years ago, who developed an association "Colossi with feet of clay", whose 26 employees intervene daily in the field to “inform, raise awareness, train”. In particular, he insisted on harassment and violence between minors and on the care of adult male victims of sexual violence: "we are also fragile, even if we are colossi with feet of clay".

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