violent burglary carried out by an armed man at the home of Neymar’s partner


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SCAN SPORT – A man was arrested on Tuesday morning after burglarizing the family home of Neymar’s partner, Bruna Biancardi. His parents were threatened and tied up.

The problems continue for Neymar. After being the victim of anterior cruciate ligament rupture, the family home of his partner Bruna Biancardi was burglarized by an armed man Tuesday morning, near Sao Paulo. The parents of the 29-year-old Brazilian influencer were notably threatened and tied up. According to Brazilian police, the criminal was subsequently arrested.

Bianca Biancardi, Bruna’s sister, denied this to the Brazilian media Quem the main information circulating around this tragedy: that the criminal was not alone but accompanied by two other people to directly attack his sister and Mavie, Neymar’s one-month-old daughter. The latter two were, at that time, in another property. The burglar “only” aimed at valuable items.

For his part, Neymar reacted to the incident, adding that he had also lost a loved one on the same day. “Bad day with two very bad news. First there was the attack on Bruna’s father, but thank God everyone is okay. Secondly, my friend ped away, my condolences to all his family.”wrote N.10 of Al-Hilal in his Instagram story.

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