Virgilia Hess, suffering from breast cancer, sees her return to BFMTV

Virgilia Hess on the set of “Buzz TV” Monday October 23, 2023. Screenshot / Figaro Live

FIGARO LIVE – Invited on the set of “Buzz TV”, the weather presenter from France’s leading news channel talks about the illness she discovered less than a year ago, when she was pregnant with her first child .

Not everything is rosy but we can see the gl half full “. On the set of “Buzz TV” this Monday, Virgilia Hess testifies about breast cancer against which she has been fighting for almost a year. Last January, when she was pregnant with her first child, the weather presenter learned the terrible news. “ I was five months pregnant and two days before Christmas I went to see my obstetrician. She examines me and, when she feels me, she feels a m in my chest. », says the weather journalist from BFMTV. A mammogram is performed a few days later and the ax falls.

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At that moment, the cardiologist does not say the word cancer”, recalls Virgilia Hess. She tells me the results are not good. Except I knew what that meant. I ask her if it’s cancer and she says yes. », she further details. “And then there’s the black hole.” I do not remember anything. This is a common phenomenon when cancer is diagnosed. » During the three weeks following this verdict, the journalist described a form of denial. “ I would wake up and say to myself: “I dreamed, this is not possible” and I would stay in bed. »

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“We almost called Samu several times, I thought I was going to die”

Virgilia Hess then began chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment. The side effects are difficult to manage: “ During the first six months it was very hard. Firstly on mental health because the first side effects are physical: loss of hair, eyelashes and eyebrows, lack of appetite. There were times I had fourteen side effects at the same time “, she remembers before mentioning “ nausea, pain as if a truck had run over me “. “ I couldn’t get out of bed, we almost called emergency services several times, I thought I was going to die. And it’s horrible because these are treatments that cure you. I don’tkept telling me: chemo is your best friend, it’s there to save you”. »

“II set myself for January, part-time theutic »

Virgilia Hess on the set of “Buzz TV” on October 23, 2023

On sick leave for more than ten months, Virgilia Hess hopes to return to BFMTV soon. “ This is what makes me live, the weather is my pion. I want to do my job. It’s important for me to have a return date in mind. For now, I have set my sights on January, perhaps not full time but part time therapy. It will be a great revenge: the diagnosis was made in January 2023, it will be a year. »

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