Virginie Calmels authorized by the courts to appear

It's a victory for the former number two of the Republicans (LR), Virginie Calmels. Justice considered that LR did not have to reject his candidacy for the presidency of the party, suspending this decision pending a judgment on the merits, according to the decision in chambers that Agence France-Presse (AFP) was able to consult, Wednesday, September 21.

The Paris court, which ruled urgently, "suspends the effects attached to the decision of inadmissibility of the application" by Mme Calm and “condemns the Republicans” to pay him "the sum of 5,000 euros"says this judgment. “Here I am restored to my rights”tweeted Mme Calms.

Due process at issue

On August 29, the high authority of LR had rejected the candidacy of Mme Calmels, arguing that she was not up to date with contributions on July 22, 2022. But this condition, “having only been published and communicated to members on July 25, 2022, necessarily deprived Mme Calmels of the possibility of regularizing his contribution for the deadline of July 22”says the court.

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In addition, this date of July 22 "must be regarded, in an obvious way, as a new condition compared to those provided for by the statutes and the internal regulations"who “contain ambiguous clauses”notes the court, which refers to the trial judge an assessment of these clauses.

Mme Calmels had announced his candidacy on August 23, on a line "balanced" and “at the epicenter of LR currents”. He must now meet the sponsorship conditions (485 members and 10 parliamentarians) to be able to present himself.

The right-wing party's presidential election is scheduled for the weekend of December 3-4. The declared candidates are the deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes Eric Ciotti, the president of the LR group in the Senate, Bruno Retailleau, the secretary general of LR, Aurélien Pradié, and the mayor of Orléans, Serge Grouard.

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