Virginie Efira succeeds Emmanuel Macron on the set of “Rencontres du Papotin”, on France 2

Virginie Efira succeeds Emmanuel Macron on the set of “Rencontres du Papotin”, on France 2

“Les Rencontres du Papotin”, with Virginie Efira.


” At Papotin, we say everything and everything can happen. » This is the motto of tv interview magazine created with the support of filmmakers Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, from the newspaper The Papotin. And for good reason: founded in 1990, this publication, whose number 40 comes out in mid-March, has the particularity of having an editorial staff of around forty non-professional journalists with autism spectrum disorders.

Since the launch of the “Rencontres du Papotin” on September 3, 2022, Virginie Efira is the fifth personality invited by the editor-in-chief, Julien Bancilhon, to take a seat in the middle of the editorial staff, seated in a semi-circle to facilitate exchanges. Before her, the actor and director Gilles Lellouche inaugurated the concept with a smile and relaxation. After a slight surprise, he thus collected the ” You are old “ And “You are a very good actor, but I prefer Jean Dujardin” – all the “Encounters” are available on France.tvalas after long adverti*****ts.

“Anything can happen”… The actress Camille Cottin was the second to experience it, approached, barely arrived, by Arnaud: ” How old are you ? When were you born? Can we talk to each other? Would you like me to tickle your feet? » Under the flood of questions – “What is an apricot? What is wasting your life? » –, Camille Cottin is pushed into her emotional entrenchments, before a beautiful musical session by Kévin, on vocals and piano.

A special emotion

In November 2022, it is the turn of Julien Doré to stick to it. And even if the singer refutes a ” You are old “ addressed to him by a speaker, a particular emotion will pass through the rambling exchanges: “ What is your original sin? » ; “Do you like first times? » (about school, normality and his joy of being a dad).

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After the confectioners’ truce too, “everything happens”, in the person of Emmanuel Macron, a distinguished guest who will not dodge the curiosity of the papotin, including the fact that he married his older teacher: “Love, you don’t choose, replies the president. (…) When you love, anything is possible. » The feeling passes between the president and the editorial staff. And the audience soared, to 5.1 million viewers, or 2 million more than the average until then.

Virginie Efira had not yet received the César for best actress for See Paris again, when the episode dedicated to him was recorded. However, she arrived with the same mischievous gaze as on February 24 on the stage of the Olympia, to receive her prize.

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” How old are you ? When is your birthday ? » In addition to Arnaud, always on the job, we salute here the first participation of Babouillec, who expresses himself by positioning paper letters on a desk. This rudimentary writing contrasts with the subject discussed: “Can social death be a solution for survival? » Virginie Efira seems destabilized. She finds her natural repartee at the evocation of her ephemeral love stories, nudity in a film, or notoriety. “I’m not very famous…”, she says. But that was before she received the César. And she goes to Papotin.

The Papotin Meetings, with Virginie Efira, directed by Henri Poulain (Fr., 2023, 30 min). In replay on

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