Visibilia, the Milan prosecutor’s office revokes the bankruptcy petition for the Santanché holding company

With the settlement of the 75 thousand euro debt with the tax authorities, the Milan prosecutor’s office revoked the judicial liquidation application, i.e. the new bankruptcy, for Visibilia Holding, one of the companies of the group founded by the FdI senator and tourism minister Daniela Santanchè of which he then sold the shares.

A choice similar to the one already made last November 30 for Visibilia Editore spa, the only one listed on the Stock Exchange and the most exposed to the Treasury. The motions of the prosecutors of the Business Crisis pool Laura Pedio and Maria Gravina on Visibilia Concessionaria and on Visibilia srl ​​in liquidation remain pending.

For the first, however, the lawyers have presented a request for access to the negotiated settlement of the company crisis, while for the second they have requested access to the composition with creditors procedure. In these two cases the hearings are scheduled for May.

If all the companies were to be able to pay off their debts and the risk of bankruptcy disappeared, Santanchè would be able to avoid a fraudulent bankruptcy trial. However, the investigation into false accounting remains open.

While the different civil proceeding on Visibilia Editore, resulting from the lawsuit brought by a group of minority shareholders, sees a hearing set for next June 22nd. The Prosecutor’s Office also entered this match. The reason is to investigate the situation that has arisen with the new management, essentially asking for a postponement of the procedure. On 7 March, the Visibilia Editore shareholders’ meeting appointed a new Board of Directors, made up of four members: Luca Giuseppe Reale Ruffino, president, Giuseppe Vadalà Bertini, Samuele Sanvito and Maria Claudia Santaloja. The “recent replacement of the members of the management body – the judges wrote – is not in itself sufficient data for the state to consider the aspects of objective difficulty that involved the management of Visibilia Editore spa overcome”.

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