Volcano alarm in Italy… It can erupt at any moment

Frightening warning… Experts said that Campi Flegrei (Phlegraean Fields) Volcano near Naples in Italy has now become extremely dangerous.



Volcano alarm in Italy… It can erupt at any moment

An expanding volcano in Italy, home to over half a million people, has never been more at risk of erupting, according to a new study.

Stefano Carlino, co-author of the study, said that Campi Flegrei (Phlegraean Fields) Volcano is not as well known as Mount Vesuvius, but is extremely dangerous.

Vesuvius wiped Pompeii off the map nearly two thousand years ago. Campi Flegrei, near Naples, last erupted in 1538, spewing lava, ash and rock, causing the extinction of Neanderthal man.

Unlike many, the volcano is in the form of a slight depression with a diameter of 12-14 km instead of turning into a traditional mountain. 40,000 people were evacuated from the area when it was reactivated in the early 1980s, but it has been quiet ever since.


“We’re not saying there’s going to be an eruption, we’re saying the conditions for the eruption are more favorable,” said Christopher Kilburn of University College London. A report published in Nature’s Communications Earth & Environment magazine found that parts of the volcano were stretched almost to the breaking point.

Kilburn said that although the volcano is closer to rupture, that doesn’t necessarily mean there will be an eruption: “Even if the crust s, the magma has to be pushed upward in the right place for the eruption to occur.”

The researchers said that it is not known for sure what will happen, but it is necessary to be prepared.

Five hundred thousand people live in what Italy’s civil protection agency has designated as the area at highest risk. Authorities have drawn up an evacuation plan, in which residents will be transported by their own vehicles or public transport within three days. level of risk; green, yellow, orange and red, and 800 thousand people live in the yellow zone.

“The warning level in Pozzuoli is currently yellow,” municipality spokesperson Giordana Mobilio said, adding that local residents have received warnings for all tremors of magnitude 1.5 or greater.

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