“Wages in France are collapsing”

By Anne de Guigne



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Guest of the Grand Jury RTL-LCI-Le Figaro, Sophie Binet still demands the withdrawal of the pension reform. She will meet Elisabeth Borne on Wednesday.

Sophie Binet, the new boss of the CGT since the end of March, is charting her course. Guest of the Grand Jury RTL-LCI-Le Figaro, the general secretary of the union spoke about her future meeting on Wednesday with the Prime Minister. She recalls that no particular agenda has been put forward by Matignon for this bilateral meeting and plans to return to three major topics.

Sophie Binet will first reiterate her opposition to the pension reform described as “extremely violent“. She hopes “millions of participants” for the next mobilization day, which will take place on June 6, two days before the vote on the parliamentary group’s bill Liot aimed at repealing the postponement of the legal retirement age to 64 years. “There will be no return to normal [du climat social ] as long as the text is not removed, the anger is very strong“, ured the trade unionist. The CGT always pleads for its part for a reduction of working time to 32 hours per week, remaining convinced that such a device would create jobs.

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Wage indexation

The representative of the CGT still wants to raise the question of wages “who are collapsing in France“. It calls for wage indexation to inflation, in order to support the purchasing power of employees. A strategy rejected by the president because it tends to feed the second round mechanisms of theinflation. Sophie Binet is thus concerned about the “low wage trapcaused by the concentration of public aid on the lowest wages. The successor of Philippe Martinez will still plead for the conditionality of public aid to companies.

For example, she pinned Air France, whose “the boss tripled his salary after the group was one of the first beneficiaries of aid during the covid“. According to her, only groups that meet certain social criteria should benefit from this aid. The General Secretary believes that trade union representatives are in the best position to control companies on this point.

Sophie Binet finally opposes, unsurprisingly, the statements by Emmanuel Macron on the limitation of ecological standards and on his speech on the reindustrializationwhich she sees as essentially “com“. As for the idea of ​​imposing sanctions on RSA beneficiaries who do not comply with the course “of accompaniment” on returning to work, she only sees a “unacceptable stigmatization of jobless people“.

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On Monday, the inter-union (CFDT, CGT, FO, CFE-CGC, CFTC, UNSA, Solidaires, FSU, Unef, la Voix lycéenne, FAGE, FIDL, MNL) plans to publish a new press release to reaffirm its determined opposition to the reform. On May 5, she sent a letter to parliamentarians urging them to vote on the Liot bill.

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