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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov emphasized the efforts of the President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko in the peaceful resolution of the Russian security company Wagner’s rebellion against the government in his country.

Release: 20:53 – 26 June 2023 Updated:

Wagner statement from Russia

In an interview with Russia Today, Lavrov evaluated Wagner’s attempt to rebel against the Russian administration.

Referring to Lukashenko’s role in resolving the Wagner crisis through peaceful means, Lavrov said, “In the morning of June 24, the two leaders (Lukashenko-Russian President Vladimir Putin) spoke on the phone, saying that Lukashenko wanted to see the situation peacefully to avoid bloodshed that would inevitably occur if the rebel troops continued to advance towards Moscow. He has repeatedly and in detail explained that he is in favor of a solution by various means. This proposal was supported by President Putin.” said.


Lavrov stated that on June 24, when the Wagner revolt was effective, the leaders of many partner countries called Russian President Putin and gave messages of support and said they were confident that the situation would be under control.


Asked whether the failed uprising would cause problems in Russia’s relations with its foreign partners, Lavrov replied: “No with partners and friends. We don’t care about the rest. The collective West’s relationship with us broke down on their initiative.” made its essment.

Lavrov said that Western countries will look at what they want “when they come to their senses and make proposals to restore relations”.


Asked whether the Wagner crisis will have a negative impact on Russia’s image as a stabilizing power in Africa, Lavrov pointed out that the Central African Republic and Mali are the countries that have officially requested a private military company from Russia, adding that these countries are the French and other countries. He said that when he was abandoned by the Europeans, he faced bandits.

Expressing that he applied to Wagner to demand the security of the administrations of the African countries in question, Lavrov said, “Besides their relations with Wagner, these countries have contacts with our administration. At their request, several hundred soldiers are serving as instructors in the Central African Republic. This work will continue.” he said.

Lavrov also said that preparations for the Africa-Russia Summit are in full swing.


Stating that the West was caught up in the method of “making the dream seem real” regarding the events of June 24, Lavrov said, “I looked at how the events in Russia were reflected. CNN wrote that the US intelligence was aware of the preparations for the rebellion a few days ago, but decided not to tell anyone, hoping that the rebellion would be successful. CNN published a news yesterday that it based on US intelligence analysts. According to the report, (Wagner’s founder Yevgeny) Prigozhin’s march on Moscow was expected to meet much more resistance and be much bloodier than it actually was.” he said.

Lavrov described the allegations that Russia was planning a terrorist attack at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant as “nonsense”. (AA)

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