Want to travel to Europe? Become a “night train tester” for a month

Bed comfort, ease of access, luggage storage space… And if you become the time of a summer night train tester ? This is the atypical job offer shared on its website by the company of luggage lockers RadicalStorage.

The mission of this famous tester? Write articles to tell his experience in several night trains, which the company will take care of. Quality of sleep, experience, staff… Up to five trips on night trains of your choice across Europe can be made, ures the company.

An Interail p and 500 euros more

To do this, the train tester will also have a 1 month Interail p, which will allow him to make up to seven train journeys in Europe, in addition to those made on behalf of the experiment for which he must write a report. The company also undertakes to grant its tester free access during this month to its locker services. Finally, 500 euros will be paid to the lucky winner to cover his expenses.

To try to get this job, few criteria to fulfill: you just need to be at least 18 years old, to have up-to-date identity documents allowing you to travel in Europe, to be able to take photos and videos , to have a good level of English to give your opinion on the experience in the language of Shakespeare and, finally, to be able to organize your own stay.

If you are interested in the experience, you have until July 5 to apply.

Night trains from Hamburg to Verona and from Brussels to Berlin

The night train remains a means of transport which enables you to save one night in a hotel when you wish travel cheaply.

Dozens of lines exist in the entire Europe and allow you to cross a country from North to South, or even to cross borders: Hamburg-Verona, Brussels-Berlin, Rome-Palermo, London-Edinburgh or even Stockholm-Luleå are for example part of the possible routes.

From France, one of the night trains the most interesting to cover kilometers allows you to return to the Austrian capital Vienna from the Gare de l’Est in Paris. However, you must arm yourself with patience, duration of the trip: 15h15.

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