War in Ukraine: Russian drones attack “civilian industrial” sites in the Danube region

Ukraine said on Sunday that Russian drones struck “civilian industrial” sites in the Danube region in the south-west of the country near Romania.

“The enemy has attacked civilian industrial infrastructure in the Danube region,” Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office said on Telegram. “The attack left two injured, who were hospitalized,” he added.

Targeted fuel depots

For its part, the Russian army claimed to have carried out a drone attack in the night from Saturday to Sunday against the port of Reni, located on the Danube in southern Ukraine, on the border with Romania, a member of the ‘NATO.

“Last night, the Russian air force carried out a group strike with drones on fuel depots used to refuel military equipment of the Ukrainian army in the port of Reni”, indicated the Russian Ministry of Defense, uring that the objective of the strike had been “achieved” and all targets hit.

This Sunday morning, the Odessa region had already been targeted by drones sent by Russia, according to kyiv. These types of attacks have been increasing since the end of the agreement on the safe export of grain by Ukraine through the Black Sea.

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