War in Ukraine: Washington warns North Korea against delivering arms to Russia

Washington sends a warning to Kim Jong-un. North Korea ‘will pay a price’ for any arms shipments to Russia in support of its war in ukrainewarned the White House on Tuesday, which presages an upcoming visit from Kim Jong-un to Vladimir Putin.

“It will not reflect well on North Korea and they will pay the price in the international community,” said National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, when asked at a press conference about “discussions active” between Moscow and Pyongyang on the delivery of arms.

An interested visit

Washington believes North Korean leader Kim Jong Un intends to visit Russia to discuss with President Vladimir Putin arms sales from Pyongyang to Moscow for its war in Ukraine. Visit on which Moscow remains evasive. Last week, the chief spokesman of the National Security Council, John Kirby, was already alarmed by the rapid progress of these negotiations on future arms deliveries from Pyongyang to Moscow and had summoned the communist regime to “stop” these discussions.

Mr. Sullivan, however, admitted that he was unable to say what types of weapons would be delivered. “It remains an open question as to what type of material and the quality of this material that could be delivered,” he said. But “that says a lot about Russia, which must turn to a country like North Korea to strengthen its defense capabilities”.

Pyongyang could in particular supply ammunition for artillery, as well as raw materials for the Russian defense industry. According to New York TimesKim Jong Un is expected to travel to Vladivostok on Russia’s east coast on an armored train later this month to meet with Vladimir Putin. Vladivostok is hosting the 8th Eastern Economic Forum, organized by the Kremlin, from September 10 to 13.

US President Joe Biden will take advantage of the G20 leaders’ summit in India this weekend to reaffirm his support for Ukraine “as long as it takes”, said Jake Sullivan.

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