Washington reported spending $7 million per hour on the maintenance of the arrested Russian superyacht

The US government told the court in New York that it spends 7 million dollars per hour on the maintenance of the arrested Russian superyacht “Amadea”. Washington asked the court to allow the ship to be sold before the question of the legality of its confiscation is resolved, Reuters reports.

The 106-meter “Amadea” was detained in the port of Fiji on April 14 at the request of the American authorities. The US government claims that the yacht, with an estimated value of $325 million, belongs to Russian billionaire Suleiman Kerimov, who has been sanctioned by Western countries. The company that owns the yacht disputes this in court.

Her lawyers claim that “Amadea” belongs to the former head of “Rosneft” Eduard Khudainatov, not Kerimov. He is not under US sanctions, so the businessman’s lawyers demand the return of the ship.

Khudaynatov, according to the documents, owns another superyacht, Scheherazade. Investigative journalists believe that the ship may actually belong to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. The American authorities insist that in both cases the Russian businessman is acting as a front man.

Nevertheless, the authorities negotiated with the businessman so that he would pay the bills for the maintenance of “Amadea” in the amount of 600 thousand dollars per month, Manhattan federal prosecutors told District Judge Dale Ho. The negotiations were not successful.

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