“We almost thought we were at the Stade de France”, smiles Dupont

The scrum-half of the XV of France once again released a big performance at Murrayfield.

Antoine Dupont, captain of the French rugby team, after the victory in Scotland (36-17), at the microphone of France Televisions : “There is a lot of satisfaction to be drawn from this match. We made a very good start, then we gave them some gift points. They’re coming back but despite two or three mistakes on our side, we didn’t panic. I think the mood has always been good. Even if we had a weak time, we were together collectively. We stayed together throughout the match, which paid off in the end. We didn’t necessarily have very good memories here at Murrayfield. (…) We almost thought we were at the Stade de France. La Marseillaise made a lot of noise. We really felt supported, it felt good as soon as the bus arrived. It really gave us confidence. (…) It was beautiful emotions.

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