“We are not going to make a drama out of it”, puts Ancelotti into perspective after Real Madrid’s elimination against City

Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid coach, eliminated in the semi-finals of the Champions League by Manchester City, in a press conference) “We lost against a team that deserved its victory. They played with more quality (that we) in the first period. They were superior this year as we were superior last year.

motivation and desire (to win) were at the highest level but this defeat is only a step to do better next year. […] We are already focused on the next Champions League, where we want to be competitive. Obviously, the match did not go as planned. But we are not going to make a drama out of it. This team has been very good this year and last year, even if we do not reach a new final

It’s a good season and I hope we can finish it with a bang. Sometimes it happens that we lose in the semi-finals, but in any case there are only four teams which arrive in the semi-finals. »

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