“We are speechless in the face of Depardieu’s violence,” denounces Anouk Grinberg

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Anouk Grinberg toured with Gérard Depardieu in thank you life (1991) and in Green Shutters (2022). Marshal Aurore/ABACA

The actress and former partner of director Bertrand Blier, close to Depardieu, believes that the truth must emerge despite the corporatism of the cinema world.

Anouk Grinberg reacted Monday on France Inter to the broadcast of Further investigation Thursday December 7, dedicated to the accusations of and ault brought against Gérard Depardieu. “I saw this show, it didn’t surprise me because he’s like that all the time. “He didn’t wait until he was in Korea to be so vulgar, so rude, so aggressive with women.” says the actress. After having appeared in two films with Gérard Depardieu and being the director’s companion Bertrand Blier – who made eight films with the actor – Anouk Grinberg came out of a long 33-year silence on the subject, in an interview for the magazine She.

“The other monstrosity is that of the people who remained indifferent. »

Anouk Grinberg

The actress was alongside Depardieu in the film directed by her ex-companion, Thank you life, released in 1991. “He demolishes, he destroys people forever, she believes. The other monstrosity is that of the people who remained indifferent.” She considers herself a collateral victim. “We are speechless in the face of his violence and the violence of others who remain silent and laugh,” she confides.

The actress was one of the first to support Charlotte Arnouldthis young woman who filed a complaint this year against her “little cinema father”. The 28-year-old actress accuses him of having her in August 2018. At the microphone of France InterAnouk Grinberg also says she is “partner in crime” and umes to have “kills for a long time”. “I laughed for a few years, I even lived with someone (Bertrand Blier) who participated in this active violence”, she admits.

“The corporatism of this profession should not prevent the truth from emerging.” The 60-year-old actress ended up explaining that she didn’t know how to speak. “It’s better to have courage 33 years later than never.” She regrets her silence: “I was wrong”.

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