“We gave the match to Lens”, plague Still, who has “a lot of regrets and frustration”

Will Still, coach of Reims, beaten 2-1 at Lens on Friday during the 35th day of Ligue 1:

I have a lot of regrets, frustration. We have the feeling that Lens did not win, and that we gave the match to Lens. For 25 minutes, we put a system in place that has greatly hampered the best team in Ligue 1 at the moment. We brought this game and this team into the almost perfect situation. Then we almost commit suicide by offering a penalty that I can’t understand. There is no danger. We talked about managing emotions, key moments. We did not know how to manage them. After the rest, of course, there is a very high cl action from Seko Fofana, but we are too wait-and-see. We are too far, we watch him do it. This is the very high level, and we are not there yet. We lost against stronger and smarter than us.»

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