“We save 1000 euros per month thanks to envelopes”

CICADA AND ANTS – At a time when inflation is raging, saving is more than ever a challenge, which some take up better than others. And it’s not just a question of budget. For the first episode of our series of testimonies, meeting with this young couple, who were still exposed last October.

For years I lived with the anguish of getting a call from the bank“recalls Ludivine, 31 years old. Three years ago, with her husband, it was impossible for them “to succeed in putting money aside“. The couple, however, held two positions, medical secretary and commercial employee. Every month, their 3000 euros of income was squandered, without ensuringsaving for their future. In just a few months, however, they managed to climb the slope and change their lives. Their secret? A clever system of envelopes and a certain discipline. “We now manage to save 1000 euros per month since last January», rejoices Ludivine.

Before finding this miracle solution, the mother of the family spent lavishly: “ I had absolutely no knowledge of my expenses at the time, I did not look and I bought without worrying. We had at least 600 euros of food per month, we were wasting a lot.“Once the charges…

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