“We want our star back”: in London, anti-Brexit demonstrators call to join the EU

Furious or filled with hope, hundreds or even a few thousand Europhiles demonstrated on Saturday in London in favor the return of the United Kingdom to the European Union.

The demonstrators converged on Parliament Square, where a giant screen proclaimed “We want our star back”. Flags of Europe and member countries arrived on the square, where Beethoven’s Ode to Joy played on bagpipes, amid signs reading “The Tories (conservatives in power) out, let’s join the EU”, or “Freedom of movement”, and “ Brexit” stickers.

In London today… with thousands and thousands to call for the return of the UK into the EU after the Brexit disaster!

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— Guy Verhofstadt (@guyverhofstadt) September 23, 2023

“Absolutely furious”, Rachel Ashley, head of a local ociation for the reintegration of the EU, blames the “media controlled by the same interests that brought us Brexit”, which “make money by selling » what she calls “outrage ography”.

” Why do that ? »

Huge star-shaped gles on her forehead, she claims to know people who voted for Brexit in 2016 and are today “truly mortified”, “they are so ashamed”, “they realize what they did » and were taken “for imbeciles”.

Currently, no major party does not propose the return of the United Kingdom to the EU. But Rachel Ashley remains hopeful that once one politician starts to “wobble,” everyone will.

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“I am European, and taking this from me is cruel, just like taking it from my children and my grandchildren,” complains Frances Smith, a 68-year-old retiree, wearing a beret in the colors of the EU flag on her head. “Perhaps they would like to fall in love in France or live in Italy”, “I don’t understand why we are leaving the biggest market to join another stupid market miles and miles away, damaging the planet”, “Why do That ? Why make Australia send us its beef and destroy our farms? »

“We want to come back to Europe, we are European,” says Elizabeth Facer, 64-year-old former French teacher. “We are not this little isolated island,” she explains, “it’s very, very sad for our young people.”

Brexit is a failure, according to a majority of Britons

“Little by little people are realizing how terrible” Brexit “is for everyone” in the United Kingdom, and not just among lifelong Europhiles, she argues.

According to a YouGov poll in August, more than 60% of Britons think that Brexit is a failurebut remain cautious: 59% are against holding a referendum this year, but 46% are in favor of organizing it in 10 years.

19-year-old student Elowenn Tuhill was 12 years old at the time of the referendum. Young people would like to have “their say”, just like many people who think who feel cheated and “would like another vote knowing what they know today”, she says, “optimistic” that a new vote can be organized.

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