“We will decide where to go.” The Ministry of Internal Affairs threatened rappers for songs about

The Committee on Health Protection of the State Duma at its meeting on Tuesday recommended to the deputies to adopt in the first reading the draft law on the complete prohibition of drug propaganda, as well as the draft laws on administrative and criminal liability for drug propaganda.

During the discussion of draft laws, the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Igor Zubov, said that rappers may face criminal charges for songs about .

“With rappers who sing about , we will have to hold preventive talks at the level of administrative responsibility. If they continue, we will tell them where to go. Let them get ready then. But – after 2024,” Zubov said, according to RIA Novosti.

According to Zubov, criminal responsibility should occur after a citizen is brought to administrative responsibility for similar violations two or more times. At the same time, the deputy head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that there are no plans to “plant thousands of people”.

If adopted, the law will oblige the products to be labeled if they are about . Running lines or pre-titles can be used in films. It is confirmed that the innovation will not affect works of science, literature or art that contain information about and were published before the law came into force.

Changes to the Code of Administrative Offenses include fines for drug promotion using the Internet. And a new article in the Criminal Code umes punishment in the form of fines, mandatory and corrective work, as well as restrictions or deprivation of liberty for up to two years.

If the draft laws are adopted, the changes should enter into force on January 1, 2024. All three bills in the first reading are proposed to be considered at the State Duma meeting on May 30.

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