Weather: Chance of snow and freezing rain Thursday morning

The weather conditions could become difficult in the next few hours to circulate. From this Wednesday evening and next night, a disturbance arrives in France from the North-West. She goes cause precipitation progressing towards the south-east of the country.

It will initially be rainy. But by sinking towards the interior of the country, it will be accompanied by more and more flakes. If the accumulations should remain limited, the main risk is that of the formation of ice due to the temperature on the ground.

An axis running from the border of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Centre-Val de Loire regions to that between Hauts-de-France and Grand Est, via Ile-de-France, would be the most exposed. This map made by weather-cities allows you to visualize the situation.


As explained The weather channel, uncertainty remains on the precise location of the snowflakes as well as the intensity of their fall. The speed of progression of the disturbance and the precise level of temperatures will depend on the amount of snow on the ground. The latest trend favors a fairly fast speed, which should limit the grip of the snow on the ground.

“During the morning, the disturbance will descend diagonally from Luxembourg to the Basque Country but without progressing towards the East”. The snowfall “would be light overall, but it could snow all morning,” details La Chaîne Météo. It is at this time that the traffic difficulties could be the most important. But “this episode will have nothing in common with last week’s snowfall”.

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