weekend must be stormy

O The weather closed in Porto Alegre between late morning and early afternoon this Saturday (11), with heavy rain showers occurring around 1pm. According to MetSul Meteorologia, there is a risk of storms throughout the southern region of the country during next week, starting in Rio Grande do Sul this weekend.

Still according to MetSul, the storms are isolated and should cause intense rain, with high volumes in short intervals. The company’s weather models predict rainfall of 7.1mm this Saturday and 6.4mm on Sunday (12). On Monday (13), the volume of rain increases, reaching 30.2mm and could double on Tuesday (14), with 65.4mm. For the Proclamation of the Republic holiday, on November 15th, rain is expected to decrease to 10.9mm.

Over the course of the week, instability decreases in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and advances to Santa Catarina and Paraná. The North of Rio Grande do Sul still has the possibility of being hit by strong storms throughout the week.

According to the company, the Instability present in southern Brazil is attributed to the influence of an atmosphere with high temperaturesranging from hot to very hot, which increases the likelihood of locally intense to severe storms occurring, with the possibility of damage.

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