What alternatives for your journeys this Tuesday, March 7?

What alternatives for your journeys this Tuesday, March 7?

Taxis, VTC, carpooling, electric scooters… solutions exist to compensate for the lack of public transport, but anticipation is still required.

To discuss the mobilization day scheduled for Tuesday, March 7, the Minister of Transport Clement Beaune did not go there with the back of the spoon: “it will be one of the most difficult days we have known“, he warned. Massive and lasting disruptions are indeed announced on the rail, with traffic “very disturbed” to the SNCF and the RATP on the RER and the metro. One out of five TGV and one TER, one out of three or even five trains on the Ile-de-France network… And the situation could continue, this new day of strike having the particularity of being renewable. The Minister invites “all those who have the possibility of teleworking to seize it”. But for many French people who cannot postpone their trips, it’s time to find a plan B. What are the alternatives to public transport? How to anticipate tomorrow’s strike day (and the following ones)? THE Figaro make the point.

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Taxis and VTC

In Paris and other metropolitan areas of France, it is the number one alternative to public transport. But hailing a taxi or ordering a VTC is proving more and more laborious. It’s no longer a secret: the sector is facing a major shortage of drivers. With the strong recovery in activity in Île-de-France, demand very often exceeds the supply of available vehicles. So, in times of strike… Of course, taxi apps allow you to book a trip in advance, for an additional fee, but the platforms “limit the number of vehicles that can be reserved for subscribers, premium customersas an industry expert explains at Parisian . To be part of these happy coupleit is better to rely on a reservation during off-peak hours.

Watch out for prices, too. For taxis, no risk: fares are regulated (in the capital, depending on the time slot and the days of the week), as are fixed prices to Paris airports. On the other hand, for VTCs, which are free to set their prices according to supply and demand, it’s a bit of a lottery. The price of the races is thus likely to soar tomorrow and in the days to come. It is therefore not certain that VTCs remain the most financially attractive option, but that the followers of Uber, Bolt or FreeNow can console themselves: these three platforms now reference taxis that work at the taximeter on their app. Spoiled for choice, or almost.

Rental bikes

During the strike day of October 18, Vélib had launched the operation “At work on a Vélib“. Or a free trial day of the service to encourage cycling. This operation is not repeated for the mobilization day of March 7. To use the bike rental service, Parisians will therefore have to subscribe to one of the following offers: the Ticket-V (a 45-minute mechanical or electric Vélib’ journey) at 3 euros, the classic 24H Pass (24 hours on a mechanical Vélib’ for 30-minute journeys) at 5 euros, or for longer distances, a 24-hour electric pass (24 hours on a Vélib, for 60-minute mechanical or electric journeys) at 10 euros.

In the busiest stations, getting your hands on a free vehicle (and in good condition) should however be a challenge. To avoid wandering too long in search of the precious sesame, the installation of the Vélib application, which allows you to view the availability of each station in real time, seems essential. Parisians can also keep in mind that other operators offer self-service bicycles, like Lime or Dott.

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Self-service scooters

Electric scooters may well be in the sights of municipalities – a referendum on the use of self-service electric scooters organized by the City of Paris will be held on April 2 – they are more and more popular with city dwellers in days of strike. During the last social mobilization on January 31, the Lime service recorded an increase of almost 90% in its usual demand.

This time again, Ile-de-France residents should storm the two-wheeled vehicles. But the scooter offer is limited: in the capital, for example, only three operators – Dott, Lime and TIER – are authorized to deploy their fleets, i.e. a maximum of 5,000 machines. To prevent the quest for scooters from turning into a rat race, Lime ensures that its teams are mobilized to ensure the availability of the fleet, especially at peak times (between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. and between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.). The operator also anticipates “more regular battery changes as travel times increase by +30% on average on strike days“.

If regular users are familiar with it, the Lime platform advises novices to anticipate their journeys tomorrow as much as possible. This, by downloading the application today so as to create an account upstream and by identifying the parking zones closest to home.


Convenient for short journeys, soft mobility is not really appropriate for long-distance travel… There remains one solution for moving responsibly and at a low price: carpooling. Île-de-France Mobilités offers carpooling to all annual, monthly and Imagin’R Navigo subscribers during strike days, in partnership with 3 carpooling platforms: Karos, Klaxit and Blablacar Daily. To find the list of available carpooling trips, go to the application or the Ile-de-France Mobilités website. Once the route has been chosen, the user is redirected to one of the partner platforms to finalize the reservation and put them in touch with the driver.

Do you have to rush on the Internet to be sure to find the shoe that suits you? BlaBlacar plans “a 20% increase in trips offered by drivers on Tuesday“. In addition, the platform invites interested users to “don’t panic“, some drivers having the habit of showing up just before their departure. Last minute or long-time booking, “the price does not move“, assures the platform.

In addition, Île-de-France Mobilité encourages Ile-de-France motorists to open their doors. Each trip offered by a motorist is remunerated advantageously thanks to a special subsidy granted for each trip by the transport organizer. Depending on the distance travelled, the driver can expect to earn up to €4.50 per trip. Note that this boost is compatible with the government plan “daily carpoolingwhich rewards first-time drivers with a bonus of €100.


In view of the disturbances announced on the rail, regional (TER) as national (TGV, Ouigo …), the bus has something to seduce. During the Christmas holidays, FlixBus, which captured some of the 200,000 injured rail passengers, had recorded growth of 15%. However, the crowd should be more moderate tomorrow, since the school holidays have passed. This is why FlixBus does not “does not plan to implement special device at the moment“. The platform states that it “there are still places in the FlixBus at this time of the year“but recommends to customers wishing to travel on strike days”to book their ticket as soon as possible in order to benefit from the best offers and prices“.

Another story at BlaBlaCar Bus, which plans to charter additional buses on the most sought-after routes, with a view to a renewable strike. While acknowledgingan increase in demand for the coming weeks», the subsidiary of BlaBlaCar ensures that it «remaining places“in his buses and that”prices can be attractive even at the last minute“. No panic, then.

Peer-to-peer car rental

It is still a discreet solution, but it has the wind in its sails. To compensate for the lack of public transport, some opt for car rental between individuals on the Internet. A handful of online platforms share this market, which has been growing since the start of the mobilizations: OuiCar, Getaround, Roadstr… Many vehicles are available for rental on the Getaround application, throughout France, from 25 euros the day. Motorists looking for a service premium They should be satisfied with the Carlili application, which takes care of delivering (including at the last minute) the rental vehicle and picking it up, regardless of the location.

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