what are the stakes of his visit? Our special correspondent answers your questions

  • Emmanuel Macron’s second state visit to the United States, which is to end with a dinner with Joe Biden at the White House on Thursday 1er December, was intended as an opportunity for Paris to display “the excellence of Franco-American relations”, but also to address disturbing subjects. Ally does not mean “aligned”, estimated the Elysée with the World on the eve of Mr. Macron’s departure. The French presidency claims, against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, a “demanding political dialogue” and “sometimes more difficult on certain subjects” with Washington.
  • Emmanuel Macron has set himself the particular objective of “resynchronize” the agendas of Washington and Europe. In the eyes of the Elysée, the Old Continent suffers more than the United States from the consequences of the sanctions imposed on Russia. The rise in energy prices is greater there than across the Atlantic and Paris is enraged that it is accompanied by the relocation of industries baited by the generous subsidies paid by the American administration under the terms of the law on the reduction of inflation.
  • This gigantic investment plan plans to help industrial companies established in the United States to support and accelerate the energy transition, even if it means discriminating against products from Europe. The device, judged “unfriendly” by Emmanuel Macron and contrary to the rules of the World Trade Organization, raises fears of a trade war between the two sides of the Atlantic.
  • What hope can the French president have to appease people’s minds? Philippe Ricard, special envoy of the World in Washington, answers your questions starting at 2:15 p.m.

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