what audience for special editions of French television?

DECRYPTION - Monday, TF1, France 2 and the info channels were mobilized to bring the funeral of the century to life for the French, many in front of the screen.

From dawn on Monday, September 19, the major French national channels broadcast the grand funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. A success. Between 8 a.m. and noon, there were a little more than a million curious people connected to TF1, watching the program presented by Anne-Claire Coudray and Gilles Bouleau, or 22.6% market share. And almost, 2.9 million (25.5%) between 12 and 1 p.m.

France 2 mobilized from 10 a.m. with Julian Bugier at the head of the special edition and Stephane Bern around the table. Nearly 2.2 million viewers (27.5%) counted until 1:15 p.m. The coverage continued in the early afternoon with still as many people in front of the screen. On average, 2.8 million French people followed the edition of the One until 3 p.m. (25.1%) against 3.2 million people on the Two (30.8%). In all, more than 6 million viewers were gathered to follow the coffin procession after the religious ceremony at Westminster Abbey. The evening news benefited from this strong news with 5.3 million people watching Anne-Sophie Lapix's edition (season record), and 5 million for Gilles Bouleau's.

Except for the early afternoon and evening scores when France 2 overtakes TF1, it is difficult to compare the two channels over one day, as the divisions of the parties are so different. It should also be remembered that since Friday September 2, the TF1 group has been impacted by the cut in the signal of its channels by Canal+. As for the audiences of the news channels, they will be known at the end of the morning. In the rest of the world, we expect a record audience for this funeral with an estimate of 4 billion viewers which remains, however, to be confirmed in the coming hours.

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