what do you need to know about Laurent Ruquier's new cultural program on Paris Première?

After his departure from “We are live” on France 2, the journalist launched a new program on the pay channel of the M6 ​​group.

Laurent Ruquier never rests on its laurels and it proves it. While he announced at the end of June that he was leaving the presentation of “We are live” and therefore the Saturday evening box of France 2 where he officiated for 16 years, he will very soon launch a new cultural program on Paris Premiere in the second part of the evening. A channel he knows well because it broadcasts the television version of "Big heads» and that he presented « It swings in Paris from 2005 to 2006.

A program where we do not take ourselves seriously

This time, the show will be called “Club Première” and will highlight theatrical, literary, cinematographic and humorous news. "We wanted to redo a cultural program on Paris Première because there were no more", specifies Catherine Schofer, the general manager of the chain. " We want to offer a program where we don't take ourselves seriously ".

Laurent Ruquier, who asked permission from Delphine Ernotte to be able to go every week on the pay channel of the M6 ​​group, will receive in the restaurant Le Poinçon located Porte d'Orléans artists known or in phase of being. " It always takes one or two headliners to get the lesser ones acrosshe explains. I have always popularized culture and never addressed the elite. We're here to send viewers books, films or plays that they wouldn't necessarily have read or seen. “The host will be accompanied in the first program by Gaël Tchakaloff (who was notably a columnist for “We are not lying” in 2019-2020) and by François Renucci, who has been producing his radio programs for years.

“First” readers and spectators

He will receive three comedians each week who will react to cultural news. The program will also have the originality of giving the floor to first readers or spectators - spotted at the exit of cinematographic or theatrical previews or in a bookstore -, who will give their opinion on the work they have read. or view. " It's an idea I had a few years ago and hadn't implemented yet.notes Laurent Ruquier. I thus hope to create an exchange between the actor and the spectator or the author and the reader. This allows to have a freshness and to obtain an opinion without ulterior motive or connivance ". The program will be recorded upstream under live conditions.

Laurent Ruquier, who continues to present "The Children of TV" on France 2 also has many projects on the public service including the entertainment "Everything makes us sing" which should return to the news in songs with comedians and artists .

"Basically, I never managed to do the show I wanted to do"

Laurent Ruquier about “We are live”

In the meantime, he is delighted with this new cultural adventure on Paris Première: “ I intend to try to have fun, to transmit and to be happy what I have missed a little, it must be said, in recent yearshe confides. It's not the fault of Lea Salamenor mine, it's the exercise in pairs that was difficult because we don't have the same freedom, you have to think about the speaking time of the other... That was last year and , before, we had been frustrated because we were in confinement. Deep down, I never got to do the show I wanted to do ". Let's bet that, this time, Laurent Ruquier will be able to flourish in this new program.

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