What is Molière – the Urban Opera, the new musical at the Palais des Sports worth?

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WE WERE THERE – This well-sung and well-danced production skimps neither on technical means nor on the artists. In the role of the playwright, the incredible Quebecois PETiTOM.

Molière as a musical comedy hero? We might shudder at this idea, and even more so when we know that Dove Attia is the author of the libretto and the producer of the show. We remember the rubbish that was his Ten Commandments, programmed twenty years ago, which the critics, of which we were part, were unanimously panned. Well, it would be wrong to ignore this Molière, the Urban Opera, with bold choices.

Dove Attia knew how to avoid the pitfalls of such a biopic, a sung and dance version to boot. No pastiche of one of the plays written by our brilliant playwright, but simply a few quotations of verses here and there to accompany a very well composed libretto, focused on the story of Molière and his troop of acrobats in search of a protector. There is something of the spirit there which presides over the Amadeus by Miloz Forman, filmed in 1984. Historical reality is respected on the whole, even if certain features have been forced, and the space-time somewhat distorted.

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In the end, we applaud a show that is extraordinarily well sung, with, among other things, sublime trios, and effectively danced with impeccable ensembles imagined by Romain RB

Singer, dancer, choreographer, acrobat

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And apart from a few mistakes, such as the conversion of the Duke of Conti which borders on caricature, everything is of great energy, punctuated by the direction of Ladislas Cholat. The character of Monsieur, if deliberately exaggerated, is very funny. There remains the phenomenon of this evening: PETiTOM in the role of Molière. Singer, dancer, choreographer, acrobat, this Quebecer sings wonderfully and plays and dances brilliantly. A complete artist like we rarely see, to whom we predict an immense career. He captivates the audience, to the point of making them shed a tear over this Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, known as Molière, who dies on stage. And the public returns it by giving him a triumph.

Until February 18 at the Palais Des Sports in Paris.

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