what is the new fiction of TF1 on violence against women worth?

CRITICAL - Adapted from the graphic novel of the same name, Alexandra Lamy's TV movie tackles the issue of violence against women from the perspective of the course of care and reparation. Prize for the best unit at the La Rochelle Festival. To discover this Thursday evening.

"I'm Colette. The first time he slapped me, I said, "Don't ever do that again." It lasted twenty years! » Their names are Lucie, Tamara, Nicole, Kim, Alix, Colette, Linsay and Sadia. A dozen women who have all suffered sexual or domestic violence. Encouraged by their therapist, they agreed to participate in a fencing course whose objective is to help them free themselves from their trauma, through sport and through the body. Because the body forgets nothing...

Affectedto discover this Thursday evening on TF1, is inspired by the graphic novel of the same name by Quentin Zuttion (2019, Payot Editions). The characters in his book, initially rooted in the realism of violence against women, are gradually transformed through the telling of their story and the release of their emotions, so as to rewrite themselves differently. The work is strong. A television producer took it over. Alexandra Lamywho, like Julie Gayet, Muriel Robin or even Lætitia Casta, actively supports the cause of women, makes it her very first production. "I was a little scared but I saw an opportunity that was all the more exciting because I have been extremely, and for a long time, sensitive to the subject"remembers the interested party.

Reclaim your body

There is no need to specify the work accomplished, the successive meetings with heads of associations, with victims, with therapists, with the film crew and with the actresses, chosen by him. " I loved ", says the director. It shows, both in the game and in the picture. Melanie Doutey Camp Lucie, mother of a little boy, pursued by her executioner to Anduze, where she took refuge. Claudia Tagbo is Nicole, whose trauma we discover at the end. Chloe Jouannet - the daughter of Alexandra Lamy and Thomas Jouannet - is Tamara, flayed alive because of an older brother of whom she was, as a child, totally under the influence.

Three women, three fights, a budding friendship and the same objective: to reclaim a damaged body, restore self-esteem, re-establish ties... in short, to free oneself. Between romantic fiction and documentary precision – hand-held camera production, fencing master expert in the integration of his practice into the treatment of victims… – the work, intransigent, moves and strikes. "I can't wait to present it to the public"adds Alexandra Lamy.

Return to life and unwavering friendship. François LEFEBVRE / TF1

The commitment of the actress against violence against women is not new. On television sets as in demonstrations, his speeches reflect his unwavering support for the victims. "A support more than ever necessary, in a country where nearly 120 women still die each year under the blows of their spouse or ex-spouse", she recalls again. The findings are overwhelming. The film is all the more necessary.

Presented a few days ago at the La Rochelle Festival, he was rightly rewarded with the Best Unit Prize. In 2014, TF1 had moved with The influencewhich recounted the ordeal of Alexandra Lange (Odile Vuillemin), beaten by her husband for fourteen years.

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