What is the right way to deal with climate change, green growth or decline?

Almost all the governments of the world and a large number of their people believe that if a healthy society has to deal with all the challenges, then it is very important to solve the problem of climate change caused by humans. Two solutions are often proposed to address the challenge of climate change, known by different names but widely known as green growth and degrowth. Can these ideas be reconciled? What do both solutions say about the climate challenge? The main basis of green growth basically rests on technology, which is advocated by most of the developed countries. Developed countries believe that technology will protect us if we get the right conclusions.

We can also stand by the idea that economic growth is the central determinant of human prosperity so we need only technological fixes for unsustainable industrial practices. These will come to the fore when we move towards green growth, for which it will be necessary to first and foremost talk about carbon tax. Thinking about such thoughts is still like sand in one’s fist. This is true because the emissions rate of per capita gross domestic product (GDP) growth is falling and the acceleration of economic value comes from ideas, not tools. For example, Sweden increased its GDP by 76 percent but its domestic energy use increased by only 2.5 percent since 1995.

But we are still falling short of meeting carbon reduction targets by a wide margin and struggling to implement meaningful carbon pricing. The main premise of degrowth is to ensure stagnation and contracting GDP. Endless growth got us where we are and endless growth will lead to our demise. We need to reject the status quo outright and adopt our own revolutionary path to eco-socialism. Rich countries should stop where they are and help poor countries financially so that we can share what we have equally.

Such an idea could be characterized as political suicide and the approach is more likely to be watered down than implemented. Both of these ideas can be easily set aside. However, it is difficult to tell exactly which country shares which view because they represent a jumbled m of ideas in a race to move forward rapidly. However, there is no doubt that many countries advocate green growth and many countries advocate degrowth and despite differences in opinions, they agree on many points.

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