What winter brings cold, summer will make up for… Are you sure? Don’t miss the perfect time to buy a used car

Winter is a difficult time for drivers. Snow-covered, slippery surfaces or battery problems make drivers reflect on the condition of their current vehicle. According to the study “Poles’ wallets under the microscope” conducted on behalf of Volkswagen Financial Services at the end of last year, in 2023 1/3 of Poles plan to buy a car, and as many as 2/3 of buyers will choose second-hand cars – most often in the range price from 25 to 50 thousand. zloty. Most drivers wait until summer to make this decision, but is winter really the worst time to make such changes? Autobaza.pl specialists comment on the situation.

Buying a used car is a difficult choice that involves some risk and costs – often unplanned. Potential buyers must face uncertainty about the vehicle’s history and the possibility of hidden mechanical or accident defects. However, it is not as scary as it may seem. Nowadays, verifying the service documentation and the entire history of the car is simple and available to everyone at their fingertips. All you need to do is enter the registration number or VIN on the autobaza.pl website and receive a report showing the entire “life” of a given vehicle. Based on the data presented there, we can ess whether the rate specified in the advertit is adequate to the actual technical condition of the car on sale. The possibility of finding models with better equipment and at a lower price makes Poles more often choose such solutions. It is estimated that a showroom car loses approximately 50% of its initial value after three years of use, which makes it possible to find a several-year-old car for sale at a favorable price. However, you should ask yourself – when will be the right moment to take such a step? Does the time of year matter when purchasing?

The season undoubtedly affects the cost of both new and used vehicles. In the case of second-hand cars, many factors influence the final cost. However, it is crucial to have the car inspected at an authorized dealership or an independent workshop and take a test drive before signing the sales contract. It is worth mentioning, however, that in winter it is much easier to detect the “weaker sides” of a given vehicle and verify its capabilities in difficult conditions. Remember that “perfect opportunities” are rare, so in such situations it may be helpful to initially check the vehicle online. In addition to paid services, there are also free solutions, such as easyvin.pl. Verification is a bit more difficult because it requires more data, but it is free of charge. After providing the date of first registration, VIN and license plate, we receive a report with the estimated value of the vehicle. Interestingly, we can find out whether it is priced below or above the market average – says Przemysław Gąsiorowski, autobaza.pl expert.

Buy in winter, enjoy summer

The winter months are a time when roads become a challenge, and choosing the right car is crucial for safe travels. This time of year is ociated with increased expenses, but it is worth deciding to buy it then. The holiday season often puts a strain on household budgets, which translates into reduced demand, which is why used car prices are usually lower than in the summer.

Regardless of the season, SUVs and station wagons are popular in Poland, and due to inflation, compact cars have seen a significant increase.

Our data shows that in November this year the most popular models were Ford: Focus, Mondeo and Fiesta, Audi: A4, A6 and A3, as well as the iconic Volkswagen: Golf, Pat and Polo – says Przemysław Gąsiorowski, autobaza.pl expert.

It’s better to avoid holes than to patch them later

When deciding to buy in winter, remember to test drive it. If your car won’t start, it may indicate a dead battery that needs to be replaced. The driver may notice problems with the brakes, causing unusual noises or vibrations when stopping. This may indicate worn brake pads or damage to the suspension. One of the more serious problems are faults related to the fuel system. They are not only troublesome (they make the process of starting the car difficult), but also extremely expensive. The price of replacing a fuel pump ranges from PLN 200 to even PLN 5,000.

Many Poles still believe that winter is the worst time to buy a used car. We often hear from drivers that mud and dirt deposited on the bodywork will cover all imperfections, making it impossible to accurately ess the condition of the vehicle. To make sure that the car does not hide any unpleasant surprises, it is worth checking its history based on the VIN or registration number. Thanks to this, we increase the probability of making a safe purchase, instead of risking purchasing a “pig in a poke” – emphasizes Przemysław Gąsiorowski, autobaza.pl expert.

Autoiso Sp. z o. o. is the owner of the autobaza.pl website offering vehicle history reports. For 20 years, the company has been providing customers with reliable data regarding the vehicle’s past. Autobaza.pl aggregates data from many reliable and recognized sources. Cooperates with trusted entities such as: Dutch foundation Nationale Auto Pas (NAP). The autobaza.pl website has also been granted certified access to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), i.e. the National Information System for motor vehicle titles in the USA.

Today, autobaza.pl is the largest, independent VIN database with vehicle history available on the European market. The company’s activities have a real impact on the quality of vehicles offered on the secondary market in Poland.

Information source: Autoiso

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