what you won’t see in “Le Late with Alain Chabat”

WE WERE THERE – At the end of October-beginning of November, the actor, director and host boxed the ten numbers of his new show. Le Figaro was able to attend one of the shootings and reveals the moments off.

“Ara Aprikian told me that I had to make around 14 million. “There is still a football match before, try to keep the level”. So I think we will make between 7 and 12 million. Wednesday, November 2, it’s already been a few days sinceAlain Chabat and the R&G Productions teams took over studio 130 in Plaine Saint-Denis to shoot “The Late with Alain Chabat”. Despite the challenge – no hearings because “He told me that’s not the point, the main thing is that you have fun” but because no one before him has managed to establish this format born in the United States on a permanent basis – the actor, director and animator does not seem to feel any stress.

That morning, it is in complete relaxation – gray Stetson, black hoodie, jeans and sneakers – that he welcomes the handful of journalists who have come to interview him. It is also with a handshake that he greets them one by one before starting the question-and-answer session. The same evening it is with the same attitude but in a three-piece suit, shirt, tie and shoes that he enters the set of his new show. Previously, the approximately 350 people – assistance in which we slipped – came to discover the shooting were heated to block by Rémi. When the ex-Nul arrives on the set, no one really feigns joy. And everyone applauds enthusiastically when he sketches a few dance steps to the sound of the Laters.

“The goal is that you have fun, that we spend a funny hour together”

Wanting to be close to the spectators who have come especially for him, Alain Chabat does not hesitate to approach them. “We are ready, I don’t know about you. If you’re not ready, we don’t start. We’ll only start when you’re readyhe jokes. The goal is for you to have fun, for us to spend a funny hour together. There are things we will succeed and things we will misshe warns. When we miss, we will start again so you are nice to make it seem that, of course, nothing happened and that it is super funny”, he asks with a smile. And failures, necessarily funny, there will be a few.

Standing, the host awaits the “go” of director Jérôme Revon. “At some point, you have to go there. It’s no use squirming your ass to shit straight. In front of her office, a hairdresser comes to make the final touches. “There, is that right? Another puff? But it’s not bad, right? It’s a bit disheveled. Is it stylish or it sucks? It sucks! Okay”he comments. “The cameramen in place please!” The shooting will start but before Alain Chabat wants to take a picture of the public. “Syphilis”he drops to replace the traditional cheese. “Cystitis”he adds, taking a second photo. “Great, you are very beautiful, thank you very much!”

Like the American late shows, Alain Chabat begins each show with a monologue. That evening, the host reminds us that the show is not live. He barely has time to finish when he is interrupted by two spectators, one played by Maurice Barthélémy the other by Djimo. The comedian introduces himself: “My name is Sam Merde, my brother is called Moucham and my South Korean half-sister is Tunekune”. Destabilized, Alain Chabat intervenes: “Can you call me back, sorry Sam, I believe your South Korean half-sister is called Téunesoum”he corrects causing the hilarity of Djimo.

Jérôme Commandeur and Angèle in “Le Late with Alain Chabat” on TF1. Etienne Jeanneret / TF1

A few minutes later, Jérôme Commandeur waits to be able to enter. “Jérôme, we say hello, we shake hands? How are you?”Alain Chabat asks the actor hidden behind the blue curtain. “Yeah, very good”, he replies without revealing himself. Never short of a good valve, the host outbids: “Or else we put a finger in the ass but I feel like it’s too much”. “No no that’s good too”, nods his guest. Far from coming to promote, the latter will reveal two hidden talents. Mon “extremely amazing”. “I wanted to talk about it once with Mireille Dumas but she didn’t give a damn.” The other… more intimate. We’ll let you discover tonight what it’s all about and remember, it’s Alain Chabat humor.

Back on the set, Djimo does a sketch but the comedian stumbles over several words. Whatever, the show must go on. Patrick Timsit then makes his entrance. Hardly installed in the armchair that a technician intervenes to solve a problem of microphone. “They will have pissed us off. Pay ’em right, you’ll get a good job.”, jokes the 63-year-old actor and comedian. In 1988, the latter released Handle my girl. A title that did not have a great success. “I was a victim of anti-Semitism”he defends himself. “There are people who sing like shit and who have been there for 30 years”points out Jérôme Commandeur. “Yes, Jérôme, while I, who sing wonderfully well, well, you’re Jewish, boom!” Aware of his possible blunder, Patrick Timsit reacts: “I’m not sure about the ‘boom’. I wouldn’t want to be accused of the Godwin point.”. “Anyone dreaming of Vienneta?”intervenes Jérôme Commandeur.

Alain Chabat close to the public

As for Laurent Laffite and Monica Bellucci, Alain Chabat offers Patrick Timsit to play “Who is in the audience but is not part of the audience?” to win the sum of 54,000 euros to a (false, obviously) viewer. By telephone, Sylvain, a particularly unlucky man who has already participated in the show, recounts his misadventures. Originally from Giens, the man and his wife were victims of lightning. “We had a very violent storm which took away a large part of the roof”, confides the unfortunate. Alain Chabat then specifies that the wife of this one broke the neck of the femur. “There was a flood, she bent down to scoop the water and there it was a lumbago”, says Sylvain played by Maurice Barthélémy. Taken aback by this last precision, Jérôme Commandeur intervenes: “The neck of the femur, what region is it?”. Everybody laughs. Professional, Alain Chabat continues and asks his interlocutor if his problems are fixed despite everything. “Not too many, especially since without a hairstyle, at night there are actually more mosquitoes”answers Sylvain. “Without hairstyle or without roof?”, insists the facilitator. Everyone laughs louder.

Each show is punctuated by a live. That evening, Angèle must perform a title on the piano. While the technicians are busy, Alain Chabat approaches the room driver to ask for information on the spectators. He thus discovers Camille, a student in lyrical singing, and students from a business school who have come in large numbers. “You are effective in the square squat”, he remarks with humor. Once the show is over, the host returns to the audience. “So ? You liked it ?”, he asks. We, a lot!

Alain Chabat surrounded by Jérôme Commandeur, Angèle and Patrick Timsit in “Le Late avec Alain Chabat” on TF1. Etienne Jeanneret / TF1

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