WhatsApp Chat Lock, the padlock function to hide messages

Zuckerberg’s announcement is dated May 15, although it will obviously take time before the news is visible and available to everyone: private chats arrive on WhatsApp, protected by pword and safe from prying eyes.

On Facebook, the number one of Meta explained that these new chats “make your conversations more private”that the messages are “hidden in a pword protected folder” and above all that “notifications will not show the sender or the content of the message”.


Now you can use WhatsApp on 4 different phones: how to do it and what it’s for

by Emanuele Capone

You enter with your fingerprint

The new feature, which is being rolled out to everyone, is called Chat Lock in English and in Italian it has been translated with a little imaginative Lucchetto Chat: the conversations thus protected will disappear from the main list and will end up in a folder accessible by scrolling down from the WhatsApp home screen, as is already done to view archived ones.

In order to enter the folder, however, it will be necessary use fingerprint or face unlockor some form of two-factor authentication, such as receiving an unlock code via text.

privacy feature just dropped

With Chat Lock, now you can keep your most private and personal conversations under lock and key with a pword. pic.twitter.com/NsM5NOka9A

— WhatsApp (@WhatsApp) May 15, 2023

What is Chat Padlock for and how to use it

From the company they explained that “in the coming months we will add more options a Chat Padlock”, such as “the lock function for complementary devices and the possibility of creating a personalized pword for chats, different from that of the telephone”.

But what is this news for? Mainly, to hide chats from prying eyes in cases where you leave or lend your smartphone to someone, or even to avoid some embarrment if an unexpected message arrives just when the phone is in the hands of others (to whom perhaps you are showing a video, for example). The fact that the hidden chat notifications don’t show the sender and text, it helps with that.

Activate the Chat Lock it’s not difficult: just press and hold on a conversation, select the option Padlock and just see it move to the hidden folder.

This is not the only important news for WhatsApp: after announcing it almost a year agothe popular messaging app would finally be ready to make editing of messages available for everyone, within 15 minutes of sending.


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