“When a coach has no results, he is in danger”, concedes Blanc

By Le Figaro with AFP

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Nothing is going well for OL and Laurent Blanc. JEFF PACHOUD / AFP

The Olympique Lyonnais coach admits it, the situation of Les Gones is becoming very critical.

Laurent Blanc at a press conference after the big defeat against PSG (1-4) :

“The start, if not the whole match, was a nightmare, from the 3rd minute. When a coach has no results he is in danger. It is not with the result of the day that I am in a better situation. I have already said it. Yes I saw the banner in my place but the supporters are right to be disappointed with the show offered tonight which is not good. Because we were not present enough in the fight and we did not hurt the opponent in the two surfaces. The coach is there to give the direction but it is the players who have the solution. My role is to tell them the reality, what they did or did wrong. This truce will allow some to recover, to come back to the group because we need it. To others, short of competition, also to be a little better physically. Not everyone is at the same level. It is also the truth. You have to hang on to that. This is little. Tonight, no, we can’t talk about the Champions League. If we want to honor a European objective, we really have a lot of work to do. When we are last, there is a problem and we have to determine it and we will discuss it from Wednesday, after two days of rest. You will have to tell the truth. If there is really a problem, of person, of way of playing, we will see”.

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