when Arkunir and Twitter start dreaming of a takeover of the Angers SCO

when Arkunir and Twitter start dreaming of a takeover of the Angers SCO

THE SCAN SPORT – Accustomed to launching crazy projects on Twitter, the influencer Arkunir had fun putting forward the idea of ​​buying the Angers club in partnership with all its subscribers. An original idea that caused a lot of reaction on the network.

He is accustomed to the fact. After several more advanced projects than each other, the influencer Arkunir offered his 787,000 Twitter followers to contribute to buy the club of his city: the SCO of Angers.

A simple answer following which he detailed the possible functioning of his club thanks to Twitter: “Then I create a special Twitter account where we do polls for club decisions“. With his strong reputation on Twitter, his post quickly got people talking and generated a lot of reactions. Its subscribers have made their imagination speak to imagine how the club would be managed.

Arkunir’s idea is therefore to base himself on a system of socios like at FC Barcelona where it is the supporters who are the shareholders of the club. Other reactions from Twitter accounts of famous French brands have also amused Internet users, who like to imagine an ever crazier adventure.

A project that has little chance of succeeding but with such enthusiasm, why refrain from dreaming? Arkunir seems to want to give it a shot and is thinking of finding real investors.

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