“When I wash my face, the stigmata are there and will stay,” insists Grosso


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Fabio Grosso. Frédéric Chambert / Frederic Chambert / Panoramic

At a press conference this Friday, Fabio Grosso spoke again about the bus attack suffered in Marseille, deeming the lack of sanctions against OM “unacceptable”.

Fabio Grosso slams his fist on the table again. Present at a press conference this Friday, two days before OL-Lille at Groupama-Stadium, the Lyon coach returned to the incidents that occurred in Marseille and the attack on the bus suffered near the Vélodrome stadium on October 29. While the match against OM will be replayed on December 6, in a packed enclosure if the LFP’s decisions do not change, the Italian expressed his anger. Still physically and emotionally scarred by the events, he awaits more severe sanctions against the culprits and the Marseille club, which has escaped unscathed for the moment.

“I have strong shoulders, I came back. That day touched me a lot. When I wash my face, the stigmata are there and will stay. The absence of sanction is unacceptable, he lamented. Even if I like the fact of going to play in a big atmosphere I like it but the absence of sanctions on this day is unacceptable. We’ll see what happens. It bothers me a little not to have any arrests, we have to make a decision and sanctions. I’m looking forward to it even though I’m back at work. I looked at my photos and it wasn’t right to start again with that face. I am waiting for a decision and sanctions on that day. “It’s a very, very serious thing not to have made a decision on this match yet.”

Faced with journalists, Grosso also spoke about the sporting health of OL, still bottom of the line but winner for the first time this season, in Rennes (1-0), just before the international break. The Gones coach knows it, his team is far from being healed.

It’s nice to take points but it hasn’t changed much other than taking a victory. Now we must try to move on and find continuity in the results, in the performances, in the character. We have qualities and we have to show it on the pitch. Players must understand that you must always do everything to try to win. Even when we can’t do it.”

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