When the dollar fell, this time there was a protest in the square where halay was held

In Şanlıurfa, the shopkeeper whom the AKP Metropolitan Municipality wanted to evict from his workplace without reaching an agreement, climbed to the roof of the page where his workplace was located with a rifle and fired at the surroundings. The shopkeeper, who held the rifle to his throat, was persuaded with difficulty by the police. The square where the action took place was the square where the decline in the dollar was celebrated with a halay…

Ahmet Kaya

Release: 13:11 – 13 September 2023 Updated:

Haşimiye Square, where the halay was held after the dollar fell during the ministry of Treasury and Finance Minister Nurettin Nebati, this time became the scene of a protest action with rifles.


AKP’s Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality decided to demolish the Özdiker Jewelers Bazaar here about 2 years ago. While some of the shopkeepers in the market agreed with the municipality and vacated their workplaces, many shopkeepers started resistance due to the low price offered to them.


A shopkeeper known as “Atomcu İsmail”, who had a workplace in Özdiker Jewelers Bazaar in Haşimiye Square, one of the most crowded places in the city, took a rifle and went to the roof of the bazaar upon the notification of municipal officials to vacate his workplace. The shopkeeper fired a rifle into the air and threw stones at those who tried to climb onto the roof to catch him.


The shopkeeper, who sometimes attempted suicide by holding the rifle to his throat, was taken off the roof after the police persuaded him. The action was watched with fear and curiosity by hundreds of people.

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