when the minivan becomes an SUV

The Espace can carry up to seven people.

The name of this sixth generation of the Space is certainly not of controlled origin. To attribute this name to the extended version of the Austral, a pure SUV, is to go quickly to work. The car, in fact, has nothing of a minivan. No monovolume silhouette, individual rear seats, elaborate modularity or abundant storage for children. To tell the truth, the time is no longer to scrupulously ensure respect for the identity integrity of a vehicle born almost forty years ago. Renault has a good reason: the minivan is a practically extinct species, which represented barely 1% of registrations in Europe last year.

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If the brand keeps a Space in its range, it is because it considers that this name still has a marketable commercial value. Appeared in 1984 and distributed in 1.3 million units, the model which was the favorite frame of wealthy and modern families of the years 1980-2000 has left many good memories in its wake. While waiting for better days, prolonging one’s existence does not eat bread. The manufacturer did the same with Scénic and Mégane but threw into oblivion the names of the demonetized models which never broke through, such as Kadjar or Koleos.

Darwinism therefore also applies to cars: to survive, they must evolve, and the new Space is working on this. The previous generation, heavier and more expensive, had already begun to turn the page by proclaiming itself “crossover”. Which did not succeed much for him but was not usurped, because it was indeed a cross between two genres. The Espace sixth of the name definitively breaks the moorings with the monospace, on the form as on the bottom. Extended by 21 centimeters compared to the Austral, it is actually an enlarged version, in five or seven places, of this SUV which appeared in 2022 and started its career rather well. At no additional cost, Renault offers the option of installing two “booster” seats in the boot that can be folded into the floor. They are intended for children, if possible for a short journey.

Growth of the seven-seater market

It has not escaped the mark that for several years the seven-seater market has been booming, stimulated by demand from blended families, which, underlines the manufacturer, have doubled in thirty years and have become a commercial target. of choice. Added to this is the evolution of uses. From now on, you no longer only transport your own children in your car, but also the neighbours’ children, grandparents and friends.

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